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Plan B (for Botswana)

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International Event Planning – A top incentive program was planned to South Africa for 400 international guests, to include time in Cape Town and a 5-star safari experience at the game reserves in Kruger National Park. Three days before departure, we received a call from our partners in South Africa to let us know that one of the game reserve properties, planned to house more than half our guests, had washed away in a freak flood over the weekend.


Working with our team in South Africa, we moved the entire second half of the program to game reserves in Botswana. We coordinated the small bush-plane flights and luxury accommodations for 400 guests, and secured the additional documentation and visas needed to travel to Botswana. We redesigned the activities and events to suit the new destination, and even found some wonderful Botswanan children to perform a special local dance production.


In three days, we transitioned the entire game reserve experience to another country without a hitch, maintaining the quality and integrity of the original plan. Guests were delighted with the program, and were unaffected by the change in destination and logistics.